Ahh.. this ol’ question. 

“Should I bid on my brand name?” 

I’ve worked with lots of clients. Some are dead set against using keywords bidding directly on their own brand name. So, for example, if I was to setup a brand campaign, my keywords would be focused on “Sunday Digital”. 

But if I’ve already got really great organic rankings, do I really need to focus on running traffic to my brand name? What’s the point of spending money getting people to my site when they’re already going to click on my organic listing? 

Well, well, well… I’m SO glad you asked. 

Let me run through some of the benefits of brand campaigns. 

Benefit #1 – You dominate the search results

Combined with a top organic listing, you are showing two listings on a page, which doubles your chance of getting the click. A user can bypass your paid ad and click on your organic result, or vice versa. 

Benefit #2 – It gives you instant credibility/authority

By appearing in both the organic and paid columns, you are demonstrating authority to the searcher and indicating that you are a major player in the space

Benefit #3 – Allows you to control the message

Your organic listings can be pretty blah and you don’t have a lot of control how they appear in the search results. 

Paid ads on the other hand give you a bunch of control. You can choose the headlines, descriptions, pop some extensions on top and sending to a specific landing page that might convert better than your homepage (like your new arrivals page). 

Benefit #4 – Stay ahead of your competitors

Organic listings are great, but not even a trademarked name can protect you from a competitor bidding on your brand name. You might have put months into SEO and are seeing some great results, but your competition can run an ad and appear above you just like that. 

Benefit #5 – Incredible ROI

Bidding on your own brand name is incredibly cheap. I have some clients paying less than 10 cents for brand related keywords. Given that you’ll likely have a really high conversion rate, your return on investment is going to be skyhigh with brand ads. 

Along with this, you’ll have really great CTR and quality scores, which lets Google know that you are trustworthy. 

This also impacts the rest of your account. Google thrives off data, the more conversion data you give your account as a whole, the better your account performance is. 

Benefit #6 – You can increase your overall site traffic

Google have done a number of studies that have shown brand ads increase overall site traffic, and when they are paused, that site traffic goes down. I have seen this time and time again with clients of my own where they decide to turn off their brand ads for one reason or another and their non brand ads also dip in performance as a result of this. 

So, my personal advice would be to test brand ads out. They are a great way to improve the overall performance of your account. 

Let me know in the comments whether you run brand ads in your account.