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But first, let's check that I'm the right lady for you.

If you:

  • Have an online store and are looking for someone to help tighten up your existing Google Ads strategy 
  • OR
  • You’re an online store looking to dip your toes into the magical land of Google Ads

Then there's a good chance I'm your gal.

things I do

Google Ads Course

Want to learn the ins and outs of Google Ads? Say no more.

Three or four times a year I run an online course teaching businesses and digital marketers how to profitably use Google Ads so you can: 

– avoid paying exxy ads management fees

– feel empowered and confident inside your ads dashboard

– make bank regularly from your ads account

If you’re keen to find out more, pop your name on the waitlist and I’ll send you more juicy deets about the next round of the course. 

Ongoing Account Management

From time to time 1:1 spots open up for private account management.

If you’re spending upwards of $5k a month on your ad account, that’s usually where I can swoop in and help. 

(anything less than that, and my fee eats into your profitability too much)

    What’s included:

    • A custom account strategy 
    • Full service account management
    • No lock in contracts

    I only take on a certain amount of clients at any one time to give myself enough space to really nurture the accounts. If you’re interested in finding out more, drop a note my way and we’ll let you know the current openings. 

    One Off Account Audit

    Need my expert eyes on your ads? No prob.

    Running your own ads OR have an agency looking after them but need a second pair of (expert) eyes? 

    I’m ya gal. 

    I’ll do a deep dive inside your ad account, and uncover the opportunities and the areas that are wasting your money.  

    Read more kind words from clients

    • “Kaity is a real professional who knows the ad platforms inside and out. She understands the technical side, but also knows how to ask the right questions to make sure she can focus on the right business results.”

      – Mark Baartse, Chief Marketing Officer, Showpo
    • “If you’re running a Google Ads account, Kaity is your lady. She is highly experienced and has successfully managed millions of client ad spend. I cannot recommend Kaity highly enough. You will not be disappointed.”

      – Sinem Ibrahim, Owner, Maze Activewear
    • “Kaity solved a critical problem in our account within 5 days, which will save us a lot of money and help us optimize the account accurately going forward. She provided expert hints and tips that I was not made aware of by Google and outlined the best practices for managing our account. I would recommend Kaity to anyone else and will definitely be using her services again!”

      – Ryan MacFarlane, WIT Fitness
    • “When it comes to Google Ads, Kaity knows her stuff. She’s a true professional in every sense of the world and a pleasure to work with. I’ve worked with her for multiple large accounts, and would recommend her to anyone looking to grow their business through Google Ads.”

      – Gina Burgess, Acquisition Marketing Manager, Brandetize
    • “Kaity was amazing. She jumped straight in with very limited guidance and totally transformed our account increasing our return on ad spend from 400% to 2,600%”

      – Kristy Withers, Incy Interiors
    • “Myself and the team at Showpo loved working with Kaity. She’s really help us navigate through a lot of growth and change throughout the last few years!”

      – Jane Lu, CEO, Showpo
    • “Finding Kaity has been a stroke of wonderful luck for my young business. Newly launched, I’m just working my way through the various aspects of web marketing and quickly discovered the critical importance of getting “google everything” right. Enter Kaity with her significant expertise, excellent communication skills and her kind patience. My account is now thoroughly set up and we’re underway, and my understanding of the google labyrinth is so much better. I have the confidence to push GO! Kaity has taken the time to understand my business needs, patiently answer all my questions (including the dumb ones), given me the confidence that between us “we got this”. I can’t wait to see how we go in the coming months and have every faith that Kaity has set me and my business on the right track. Getting Google Ads working really matters and investing in a professional just makes sense! I highly recommend connecting with Kaity”

      – Clare Wilson, The Block Dock, New Zealand
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