“I need a very tight calendar, I need an amazing to-do list, I need deadlines. You’ve got homework because we’re working together on this business. This isn’t like ‘I want an accountant who just does everything for me’. No, this is your business. You should take responsibility for your business, I will take responsibility for mine. And we’ll work together” 

Keeping track of your finances can be daunting. Especially when numbers are not your strongest suit or when you don’t have a good finance records tracking system in place. That’s why having someone who can direct you and advise you is very important. That’s where Lauren comes into play.

Lauren Thiel is a founder of boutique accountant firm, The Real Thiel. A Chartered Accountant, with a passion for the arts, Lauren is on a mission to educate, empower and motivate creative small business owners and help them manage their finances more effectively. Lauren has a double degree in Tourism and Event Management, and Commerce, with a major in accounting, and spent her early years in the industry with KPMG Adelaide. She founded her first Company, a dance school, at just 22, and today continues to contribute to the arts through her role as Treasurer, Board member and Festival Producer of the Cabaret Fringe Festival. Lauren may very well be the only accountant we know who can also do the entire “single ladies” dance routine.

In this episode, we cover how to start healthy financial habits, what to look for in an accountant, and what to do if you’re in financial trouble and much much more.


●      How Lauren started her career in accounting
●      How Lauren got into being a business owner
●      Keeping a balance when working long hours during tax season
●      Why Lauren started her own company when she liked working for a big firm
●      Do most business owners struggle to keep track of their business finances
●      Is lack of education is the reason why business owners struggle with their finances
●      When is the right time to engage with an accountant in your business journey
●      How to find a trusted accountant after having bad experiences in the past
●      What are the best financial habits to nurture
●      Accounting software vs spreadsheets for finance tracking
●      Do you need a bookkeeper of can you do it yourself
●      What question do you need to ask when looking for an accountant
●      Is there a need to have a local accountant you could meet face to face
●      Accountant pricing models
●      Strategies for getting out of bad financial situations



●      The Real Thiel website: https://www.therealthiel.com/
●      XERO: https://www.xero.com

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