“It’s a very anxious time and you wanna get things right from the very start. And rifling through bags at 2AM in the morning, telling your birth support partner that you need a black singlet or a maternity bra, and they go through the whole bag and chuck everything out  – it just adds to that tension.”


In today’s episode we have Sally Branson, who is an ecommerce business owner. In 2019 she launched a brand called The Suite Set. Their mission is to help mothers make the transition to motherhood as seamless and streamlined as possible.

Sally had two boys, nineteen months apart, and she understands the desire to be super organised and have everything ready before the baby comes. After all, mothers and families feel a lot of pressure to be as best prepared as possible. And there’s so much preparation! That’s why they created The Suite Set, mindfully made packing bags for everything you might need to take to the hospital to welcome your baby. Each reusable set comes with labeled packing bags and detailed, colour coordinated instructions on how, what and why to pack.

In this episode, we will be talking about how to organically grow your business, how to deal with career grief after becoming a mom, Sally will give some self-care tips for moms during stressful times and much more.

Let’s jump in! 



  • Sally’s background

  • How Sally recognised that there’s a niche in the market for her product and how she build the business around it

  • Was the information side of Sally’s business evolved organically or was it planned from the beginning

  • How she gets revenue from what she does

  • How Sally organically marketed her product

  • How to process career grief when after becoming a mom

  • How moms can take care of themselves pre and post COVID-19




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