Hey you. I'm Kaity.

I’m a Google Ads whiz, Kardashian aficionado and kombucha lovin’ lady from Melbourne, Australia. 

I fell in love with ‘Adwords’ when I ran my own e-commerce store selling health food products.  I spent months teaching myself the platform and tech and managed to patch things together. 

After many years as Head of Strategy at one of Australia’s biggest agencies, these days I’m passionate about running my own bespoke Google Ads agency. 

My team and I also teach businesses and marketers how to profitably use Google Ads so you can kiss goodbye overwhelm and tech-overload when it comes to running paid ads. (you can check the course out here).

Hi There, I’m Caitlin

I went from Graphic Design to managing millions of dollars a year in Google Ad’s spend.

When I’m not knee-deep in testing the newest BETAs or sifting through a G Sheet of data, I’m stealing the last of your wheat in Settlers of Catan or watering my OTT veggie garden.

Hi! I’m Hannah

AKA the one who is not a Kaitlyn/Caitlin (lols).

While we do not share the same name, our love for Google Ads is unequivocal. Driving profitable results for our clients and students sparks joy in a way that other digital marketing platforms just can’t compete with.

When I’m not spouting the many benefits of Google Ads to everyone I meet, I’m planning a commune with my best friends and doing make-up with my two daughters. 



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