Keyword research can be really overwhelming and confusing, particularly if you’ve never run Google Ads before. 

How the hell are you meant to know what sort of keywords you’re meant to bid on?

It’s tricky, that’s for sure. 

Here are my three tips for selecting profitable keywords. 

1. Make sure you have your target market dialled in

Without knowing WHO you want to show your ads to, there’s no way you’re going to be able to select great keywords. If you sell to 20 yearolds, they are going to use different terminology than people 45+ (usually!) 

So, you need to make sure you understand who your target market is, and what sort of words and phrases they use. 

This can be hard to pinpoint at the beginning, because you feel like you’re restricting your marketing if you’re only talking to a specific sub-set of your customer base, BUT, the clearer you are in your target market, the more appealing and effective your marketing will be (hello, growth!)

2. Balance search volume and relevance

Google has a great thing called a ‘keyword planner’ which is a free tool that you can use to find keywords that Google deem to be broadly related to your website. You do have to have a Google Ads account to be able to use the planner, but you don’t have to be spending any money. 

The trick here, is to make sure you’re not focusing on how many average monthly searches each potential keyword has, and then targeting the most popular searches. 


Because that’s where all your competitors are too!

If you have a budget on the small side, you want to make sure you’re targeting niche keywords that will land $$ in the bank. 

So, you need to find those keywords that are still getting searched for each month, but they are more relevant than the broad, more competitive keywords that everyone else is bidding on. 

I’ll give you an example. 

If you sell sustainable women’s dresses, you don’t want to bid on just the keyword ‘dresses online’. You’ll be competing with everyone else under the sun, AND the people searching for dresses online aren’t necessarily searching for YOUR type of dress.

So, a better option would be to target ‘eco friendly women’s dresses’. 

Sure, you might have less traffic each month, but you will end up with more targeting traffic, a higher conversion rate, and a better marketing return on ad spend. And THAT is what you should be focusing on. 

3. Look through your search term report to discover keywords that are ALREADY converting

The best way to find new keywords, is to actually look within your ad account for keywords that are already converting. Use the data and past performance to your advantage! 

If you notice that ‘eco friendly maxi dresses’ is converting for you, but you don’t currently have that set as a specific keyword, then make sure you add it, toot sweet!

Google has a lot of powerful reports that you can use to leverage the profitability of your account. The search term report is one of my faves. 

I hope this has helped!

Kaity Griffin